Collect. Display. Repeat.

Sqrl is an NFT platform to create Playlists from your collections of NFT's and implement beautiful full screen display and slideshows on digital screens or Sqrl branded digital frames.

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Display NFT's In Real Life

Sqrl is a dead simple platform which allows you to browse your NFT collections, create and share Playlists, and Cast to multiple digital screens or Sqrl branded digital frames.

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Create Playlists

Organize your NFT's into custom Playlists and control settings like background color, QR code link to assets, playlist scroll speed and more. Make them public and generate a shareable URL.

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Cast Playlists

Connect and name multiple screens and digital frames and select which ones to cast your Playlists to. As easy as selecting "Cast to Living Room frame".
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Share Playlists

Mark any of your Playlists as Public and use the special link to share your Playlists across the web and social media.

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Multiple Wallet and Blockchain Support

Have NFT's in different wallets or blockchains? Aggregate and control your whole collection by connecting all your wallets to your account. (Coming Soon!)

Sqrl Roadmap

Q2 2021
  • Develop MVP Sqrl NFT Display Platform
  • Introduce Sqrl NFT Display Platform
  • Setup Twitter, Discord and Newsletter
Q3 2021
  • Early Access Invites and Airdrops
  • ICO/IDO $SQRL Token Listing
  • Sqrl Genesis NFT Drop
  • Public Platform Launch
  • Public Shareable Playlist URLs
  • iOS/Android/Amazon Sqrl NFT Display App
  • Member Profiles and Social Features
  • Curated Artists Challenges Feature
Q4 2021 and Beyond
  • Frames for iPads and Amazon Fire HD 10 tablets
  • Standalone Sqrl Digital Frames
  • Proposal Voting Dashboard
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Expanded wallet and blockchain support
  • The Sandbox Game Experience

Sqrl Genesis NFT Drop

We'll be dropping some or our own NFT's very soon and hodlers will receive a $SQRL token airdrop, beta access to the platform, free or discounted frames, extra proposal voting rights and other unique privileges within the platform.

Upcoming $SQRL Token Launch and
IDO Distribution

$SQRL is a Governance and Utility token used for access to the platform, voting on platform proposals and to interact with future features and services. More details coming very soon as we transfer from invite only to public launch.

Sqrl Token Economics

Get notified about token launch, early access invites and more . . .